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  1. Brownie Cake Mix - 10kg

    Brownie Cake Mix - 10kg Learn More
  2. Vanilla Bean

    vanilla bean Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. Professional Funnel

    Professional Funnel Learn More
  4. Chocolate Melting Pot

    Chocolate Melting Pot Learn More
  5. Rayners Essence

    Rayners Essence Learn More
  6. Harmony Sun Dried Mixed Fruits

    Harmony Sun Dried Mixed Fruits Learn More
  7. Loving Heart Ring

    Loving Heart Ring Learn More
  8. Croissant Cutter

    Croissant Cutter Learn More
  9. Topping Sauce


    Vizyon topping sauces increase the attraction of your desserts by giving shiny and lively colours. Perfect poured over cake & pastries, profiteroles, puddings, dips and ice cream. Use it to top ice cream, cakes, crème, milkshakes or yoghurt. Can mix easily with other food products. Great value and highly appealing. Flavoured to enhance taste and retain a good viscosity even after service.

    Watch Youtube Video Tutorial Here:

    Learn More
  10. Rayners Food Colors

    Rayners Food Colors Learn More
  11. Custard Cream Powder


    By using Vizyon Custard Cream, you will be able to prepare delicious profiteroles, eclairs, pastries, pies and croissants. You can prepare your products easily with freze-thaw stable Vizyon Custard Cream and they remain fresh for a long time.

    Watch Youtube Video Tutorial Here:

    Learn More
  12. Panna Cotta Powder Mix

    Regular Price: ₦10,000.00

    Special Price ₦3,000.00

    Panna Cotta Powder Mix

    Learn More
  13. No-Bake Cheesecake - 1kg


    You can prepare delicious and simple to make cheesecakes by using Vizyon No-Bake Cheesecake powder mixes.

    Watch How To Use Here:

    Learn More
  14. Vizyon Baking Powder - 2kg

    Vizyon Baking Powder creates excellent solutions by giving ideal and homogenous raising in pastry and bakery products.
    Learn More
  15. Vizyon Pastry Additive/Cake Gel- 5kg


    Vizyon Pastry Additive/Cake Gel is used as emulsifier and stabiliser in sponge cake, swiss roll and cake productions. It provides you high volumed, fine textured products by keeping its softness and moistness.

    Watch Youtube Video Tutorial Here:

    Learn More
  16. Sugar Paste (Fondant) - 1kg

    Sugar Paste (Fondant) Learn More

    Out of stock

  17. Simas Margarine - 250g

    Simas Margarine - 250g Learn More

    Out of stock

  18. Browning

    Browning Learn More
  19. Filling Cream - 6kg


    Vizyon filling cream is bake stable and freeze stable. It is used for filling and decorating cakes, cream cakes, croisants, doughs and desserts. They are also ideal for filling layers of cakes to be covered with sugarpaste in tropical climate conditions.

    Direction for Use: Desired amount of filling cream can be applied directly into/onto the product by using pastry bag.

    Learn More
  20. Oreos Biscuit

    Oreos Biscuit Learn More

    Out of stock

  21. Baking Soda

    Baking Soda Learn More
  22. Edible Print - Patrol (Multi)

    Edible Print - Patrol (Multi) Learn More
  23. Foster Clark Baking Powder

    Foster Clark Baking Powder Learn More

    Out of stock

  24. Vizyon Cold Glaze - 2.5kg

    Vizyon Cold Glazes prevents the moisture loss in the pastry, you can add varied tastes and attractive appearance to your cakes and desserts. Vizyon cold glazes can be used directly or they can be diluted up to 25% water according to reach your desired texture. Learn More
  25. White Vinegar - 750ml

    White Vinegar - 750ml Learn More

    Out of stock

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